Create unforgettable virtual and augmented experiences


Virtual Reality (VR) is an increasingly beneficial way for brands to make a big impression. Humans are tactile creatures and, by immersing your customers within a virtual world you’ve created, you allow them to experience your product, service or system for themselves, first-hand.

Whether you want to take your audience on a virtual journey through a product landscape or present them with a highly interactive brand experience, we have a wealth of capability in creating compelling campaigns that leave an indelible mark in the audience’s memory.

  • Demonstrate sophisticated systems and equipment
  • Highlight product features and benefits
  • Take the audience to hard-to-reach or dangerous locations


Unlike VR, which is completely immersive, augmented reality (AR) blends virtual content with objects in the real world. Imagine viewing a machine through your smartphone or tablet camera or, through augmented eyewear like Microsoft’s HoloLens. AR allows for the viewing of digital information, animations or any other virtual content along with real-world objects.

Using the machine example mentioned above, AR can be used to demonstrate dangerous functions, the operation of individual components, performance statistics or anything else that may not be practical or feasibly accomplished in the real-world.


More accessible and distributable than virtual reality, 360° video still offers the audience a powerful immersive experience. Content can be viewed using any modern smartphone in conjunction with openly available and inexpensive viewers such as Google Cardboard.

When our clients commission a virtual reality experience they also occassionally commission the creation of 360 degree video adaption of it. This broadens the scope of those that can access the content.