Death by PowerPoint and the days of static [cumbersome] expensive simulators are over. Today’s digital technologies provide endlessly flexible and inexpensive platforms that enable even non-techie experts in their respective field to convey their knowledge and experience more clearly and cohesively.

Military and industrial training often require instruction in potentially dangerous situations, with a high degree of risk to personnel and equipment. In some cases, the environment or equipment is so hazardous it requires an immense amount of preparation and expensive non-portable specialist equipment to be replicated for training purposes. Immersive training allows the student to repeatedly practice dangerous activities that could normally injure, threaten life or cannot be practically trained in a safe and controlled environment.

Be it through a virtual reality headset, a personal computer or a tablet application, digital training eliminates these restrictions and adds a dynamic that cannot be matched. These technologies provide the instructor the means to put students in any setting, performing any task or procedure, all from within in a safe and secure environment. Mistakes can be made, identified and learnt from immediately without risk to person or equipment and scenarios can be practiced until the desired competency level is reached.

At Hidden we understand how important training is and, we recognise the potential insight that digital technologies can provide organisations about their people in relation to their products, systems and services.