Serious games are designed to encourage the student to carry out the training again and again, improving their competency and retention. Game style elements appeal to students, keeping them captivated and allowing them to readily digest information. This is a popular theme for training millennials and is often referred to as gamification.

Gamification brings an element of fun to training that might normally be uninteresting or difficult to convey. By incorporating challenges, competition, choices, creativity, exploration and progression to name a few, students will engage with the subject matter.

Not only does gamified training boost motivation, it provides instant performance feedback. Students view their training as meaningful if there is a sense that progress is being made. They need to know where they stand, what they are doing right, and where they can make improvements. Gamification analytic can be a key component of your performance feedback strategy.

Gamification techniques increase student engagement by 75%
On average, companies see a 43% increase in productivity after using gamified training